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Deep Grooves Mastering specializes in Vinyl Mastering. We offer Master Lacquers and Pressed Vinyl Runs. We also offer standard studio mastering services for digital releases.

Available diameters and speeds: 7" 12" at 33.3 RPM or 45 RPM. We produce professional grade stereo cuts of the highest quality. We can cut at the highest levels possible on vinyl. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Deep Grooves offers many innovative products in our Store. We also offer a Diamond Cutting Stylus for either Neumann or Presto cutterheads.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order call 312-593-0249.

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Project Bladerunner:
We are very close to offering a quality stereo cutterhead (codenamed Project Bladerunner).
Click here for more information.

Dr. Cuts:
We have created a very nice VST Effect for DAW based cutters. Dr. Cuts Vinyl Mastering VST is now freely available!
Click here for more info and to download.

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